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Top Talent Information

Top Talent info (alternative for High Schoolers) - Available to all members

What is Top Talent Program?

Top Talent is a program that was formed in 1998 with the goal to provide players an opportunity to receive a high level of training and competition 11 months out of the year.  The Top Talent Program takes place during the High School season (3 Months Aug - Oct).

Can you give an overview of the Program?

  1. Players born 8/1/2001 and after will play NISL High school division
  1.  Players born 2002 will be eligible for NPL team
  1. Players in Sophomore/Junior/ Senior year will be eligible for weekday and weekend Men’s League
  1. All Players eligible for Academy Interleague (League formed of Academy players and all players participating in the Top Talent Program)
  2. 4-6 Local Friendly games

What are the benefits to playing Top Talent?

  1. A Higher level training environment over a 11 month period
  1. Staff continues the implementation of the long-term development plans for the individual players, and continued reinforcement for the players of the Sockers training and game model during the High School period.
  1. Players that are designated Development Player in the Academy are selected from Top talent Program.  Any Full time movement in the Playing Calendar for the Academy is only selected with players that participate in an 11 month program, and have participated in Top Talent Program

    *Coaching Staff:  Academy Staff and High School staff will work directly with the players.
    * Cost: $425.00
    *To Register: log into your MySam  account, click "register", click "classes" and then your child's name, at bottom under results select "register TT Boys 2016".
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