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Sat-Indoor League B2009


Boys Indoor League

  Played Every Saturday

Games played @ Soccer City           in Palatine      
Played on  Field 2  
  2009 Division            
  1- USA 2- Croatia 3- Portugal 4- England 5- Holland 6- Belgium    
1 Nitti, Nicky Polka, D Martinez , S Pielsticker, C Krueger, J Sklaryk, Max    
2 Allen, Sean Caldera, Alex Tellez, Gerardo Gouk, Marko Olczyk, Pat Kopanicak, S    
3 Klyuchenko , D Kurtovic, Din Afiatpour, C Mckee , Ian Padgett, Alex Goettsche, W    
4 Esquivel, M Saczala, Denis Sroga, Kevin Wakabayashi, A Field, James Milutinovic, M    
5 Lichner, D Ocampo, R Kirkpatrick, A Shon, Daniel Naumowicz, J Gonzalez, D    
6 Biglari, Niko  Farrell, K Lazar, M Nazar, Pat Ivanovski, P Kondakciu, A    
7 Feng, Adam Schwartz, W Wojciechowski, F Pyrek, A Chow, Kaden Reimann, H    
8 Biank, Ross Brooke, M Franzone , Jon  Mazza, Pierre Novelli, J Martinez, A    
9 Szynalik, A Piech, A Villafuerte, A Beahan, C Kolloniatis, A Abed, Carter     
10 Cohen, Jacob Lanza, A Lysek, Philip Rodriguez, D Utley, Keagan Widlo, K    
11   Mann, Zach Atticus, Kim Jain, Ryan Polanco, Ethan      
  1st - Champs 3rd 2nd 5th 4th 6th    
Gk Biafora, M Witte, Alex Munoz, J Biafora, M Biafora, M Witte, Alex    
      Witte, Alex     Munoz, J    
  Week 1   Week 2   Week 3      
  12/4/2021 Teams / Score 12/11/2021 Teams / Score 12/18/2021 Teams / Score    
  8:00 AM 1v4      9x5 8:00 AM 6v2    8x15 8:00 AM 3v2    7x7    
  8:45 AM 2v5      12x9 8:45 AM 4v5    6x8 8:45 AM 4v6    8x7    
  9:30 AM 3v6       7x3 9:30 AM 1v3    10x6 9:30 AM 5v1    4x9    
  Week 4   Week 5          
  1/8/2022 Teams / Score 1/15/2022 Teams / Score Missing      
  8:00 AM 1x2    15x3 8:00 AM 2v4    7x12 Blazenko, W      
  8:45 AM 3v4    11x4 8:45 AM 5v3    3x13        
  9:30 AM 5v6    13x3 9:30 AM 6v1    6x9        
  * Team listed first wears ALL WHITE and team listed second wears ALL BLUE    
  * Pre Game - Arrive 30 minutes prior to game for mandatory warm-up session    
  * Always bring both uniforms and wear shinguards. WEAR FLAT or TURF SHOES ONLY!    
  * Make sure to check in before each game.    
  * Goalkeepers - We may rotate 3 goalkeepers per game.     
    Keepers may switch times with each other but they need to inform their coaches.    
  * If you are NOT able to attend tells us earlier than Friday so we can adjust the rosters.    
  Contact: Batata            
  Coaches Batata Jeff Roy Miguel Valle        
  Text or call… 847-812-3568 630-715-9198          
  Soccer City   -   545 Consumers Ave.   Palatine, IL 60074    
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